Bay Area Breakers Mid-Season Trade

 Alameda, CA - (June 19, 2024) – The Bay Area Breakers are excited to announce a significant mid-season trade. The Bay Area Breakers have traded their first-round draft pick, Vivian Glozman, to DC Pickleball Team in exchange for Allyce Jones and an undisclosed amount of cash consideration.


Vivian Glozman, a standout first-round draft pick, has been a dynamic player for the Breakers, demonstrating exceptional skill and sportsmanship on the court. The Breakers thank Glozman for her contributions to the team and wish her continued success with DC Pickleball Team.


Allyce Jones joins the Bay Area Breakers with a wealth of experience and a proven track record in competitive pickleball. Known for her agility and strategic gameplay, Jones is expected to be a valuable addition to the Breakers' roster. The Breakers eagerly anticipate the impact she will bring to the team.


"This trade marks an exciting new chapter for both clubs," said Geoffrey Nguyen, General Manager. "We are thrilled to welcome Allyce Jones to the Breakers and believe her skills will be a great asset as we aim for a successful season. At the same time, we extend our best wishes to Vivian Glozman in her future endeavors with DC Pickleball Team."


Both teams are confident that this trade will benefit their respective goals and enhance the overall competitive spirit of the league. Fans can look forward to an exciting remainder of the season with these new team dynamics.


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Bay Area Breakers

Geoffrey Nguyen




About Bay Area Breakers


The Bay Area Breakers, originally founded as the Jackrabbits in 2022, are a professional pickleball team competing in Major League Pickleball's Challenger Level. With a diverse ownership group and a strong performance record, the Breakers are committed to growing the sport of pickleball and fostering community engagement.

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